Email Communication and Internet Security Study Group

We held our second Digital Media and Marketing Community Study Group on January 30 2016. We had twelve participants attend the Email and Internet Security discussion and a couple of short demonstrations.

Email Communication and Internet Security Study Group

In opening, we thanked the Salish people for use of this beautiful land.

The session started off with a “In the News” item. Seems like Canada’s spy agencies are not only saving meta data but also sharing it with other spy agencies around the world. Amanda Connolly writes in “…a pair of reports that slammed the Communications Security Establishment for breaking the law and sharing Canadians’ metadata …” We talked about this for a few minutes and generally agreed that the spy agency’s claims that they never shared the actual content of Canadians’ emails but only shared the meta data was completely ludicrous.

We were supposed to get a presentation from Mike. He’s a DTES techie type that offers a $150 Smartphone with free telephone service for life. As this seemed too good to be true we invited him to give us the presentation but he failed to show up. The facilitator said he would try to coax the free-from-the-telephone-companies guy into coming back to the shark tank so we could tear his scam apart. That could be interesting.

We had a brief summary of last session’s main topics and then started into Internet Security stuff.

We talked about the panhandler from Los Angeles who started accepting credit cards swipes on his Smartphone as a measure to counteract passersby’s claims to only carry plastic. It’s a free app, why not. It’s just a matter of time when someone will figure out how to capture your credit card data with a swipe app and then industrious homeless people will be out of luck with this innovation.

One of the participants was asking about the various types of Internet marketing methods that are currently being deployed. We narrowed it down to search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and email marketing. This study group will only focus on the search engine and social media marketing options as the other two are becoming more obsolete each year.

We did talk a moment about robo-calling. This can be an effective means of communication and marketing however it comes with risks. We learned that in Google Hangouts, users can place telephone calls anywhere across Canada for free. The process of making Skype or G+ Hangout telephone calls could be automated, we concluded giving a bit of validity to our free-phone elixir salesman.

We had a demonstration on what was meta data in both an email message and in an HTML page. One identifies locators and users while the other is used to give the search engine or the Internet browser instructions. We looked at the HTML Title tag situated in the <HEAD> and was instructed that in fact this could be the most important tag in your entire web document.

We talked about how the search engine, the operating system and some software programs are design to collect intelligence from its users. This data was suggested to not only be used for security reasons but was likely for sale to advertisers in order to better target ad delivery.

We looked at how easy it was to place search engine ads on our own web pages and to generate residual income from web traffic that choose to go elsewhere. It was surmised that click-through fraud could easily be perpetrated by encourage others to click ads. We examined several ways in which web pages are intended to trick visitors into clicking through ads. We talked about “Internet visitors”, a new IT position that was created to exclusively go to web pages and click through advertisement. It was mentioned that most of these fraudsters have their operations overseas but do have satellite centres clustered throughput North America in order to appear to be more local. Unfortunately some Internet marketers take advantage of slave and even child labour in order to profit from click-through revenue generation.

We went through various functions of the <HEAD> and the <BODY> sections of web pages, looking particularly at meta, title, link, image, paragraph and heading tags.

We talked about Google's "engineering glitch" that caused its Google Mobile to capture household wireless network password while in the process of simply taking pictures of houses on the street. Fred concurred that if Streetview had this technology then what the heck was the Google mobile doing in our Parliament buildings? Fred also made us aware of the revelations that Edward Snowden (NSA whistleblower) leaked regarding tech companies including Google, Yahoo and Facebook that were working closely with American spy agencies by allowing unfeathered access to their servers.

Wil gave a very brief glimpse into his understanding of cyber culture and its impact on contemporary society. It was a good enough tease for his upcoming presentation on this topic February 27, 2016.

There was a brief discussion on how the search engine now uses localization and personalization to offer a more accurate search result for its users.

Finally, we examined a couple of the more traditional ways that people attempt to scam others out of money using the Internet.

The module closed with a draw for two free meals at the Evelyn Saller Centre.

Removing Vancouver Viaducts a Bad Thing for the DTES

Having lived in the Eastside for the past few years has given me a good understanding of the local residents and of it being a vulnerable demographic. So when I heard that the city's been planning to remove the Dunsmuir and Georgia Street viaducts I was immensely concerned. I wondered if the city took any time at all to consider how this decision may negatively affect the DTES community. Does the city realize the dangers of removing these thorough-ways? That's why I figured I'd write this manifesto.

I’m quite pleased that the province has stepped in and halted the City’s plans in its tracks. Further consultation is indeed needed.

Hastings Street would be the likely alternate root into the city's downtown for many commuter. It already is under constant traffic disruptions caused by the disproportionate amount of emergency vehicles that block lanes. The three block length between Main and Abbott Streets is in a continual state of disarray from building demolition and construction activity. Additional traffic would only serve to aggravate drivers to take bigger risks along this stretch. Traffic jams will be a daily occurrence. This area should be subjected to traffic calming measures rather than increased amounts of traffic.

Remember that we will be dealing with a new onslaught of frustrated and distracted drivers and that are going to rip through our streets. Affected individuals would include our elderly people attempting to cross. We also have our fair share of mobility challenged individuals, they too will be subject to vehicular collisions. Then there’s the intoxicated crowd who cross wherever whenever they are inclined. Eastsiders are chronic jaywalkers to boot, in fact, jaywalking may have been invented right here along Hastings.

Is it the City’s intention of letting us get plowed over even more and then blame us for being ourselves?

B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone Minister points out a few additional concerns that the City has neglected to address including ones that affect Aboriginal rights, access restrictions to BC Place and various concerns raised by condominium owners in the affected areas.

The city needs to rethink their long term plans for the Eastside.

B.C. Transportation Minister says the City of Vancouver's plan to remove the viaducts is not a done deal.

My Webmaster World profile

I just dug out my old Wemasterworld profile in order to look through some of my old articles for a new writing I'm working on. I didn't know that I posted over 150 times in the search engine optimization forums using my online pseudonym canadafred.

SEO Rebirth

I was thinking of recreating an Internet marketing career and decided to track down my old forum posts. I was pleasantly surprised at what I found at Daniweb where I once was a moderator of the Internet marketing forums. After reviewing some of my old ideas I am convinced that my career in SEO is about due for a rebirth. I'm setting up shop in Vancouver BC Canada and foresee 2016 being a good year for me in the various disciplines of digital marketing.

Search engine optimization has come a long way since Yahoo emerged on seen and I'm happy to provide additional useful SEO information for you to consider when developing and Internet marketing strategy.

Reputation Based on Expertise and Professionalism

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Google and the Snowden Revelations

Canada should quickly follow in Brazil's footsteps in investigating Snowden's allegations that Google gave full access to all its data for NSA. The implications on Canada's national security should be paramount unless ...

The Security Minister resigns before light is shed to the public as to the Harper's government solution to losing their Internet Surveillance bill ... get the US to do it and its co-operating American corporate partners (Google, Facebook, Microsoft ...).

Incidentally, didn't Google just come into Canada's parliament building to take pictures of the inside. I hope they haven't technical glitches like the last time when they accidentally captured everybody's home network passwords ...

Didn't Google just deliver a search platform for Canadian data banks. I thought the government just unveiled the new data retrieval portal. I wonder ... how much access to Canadian data did Harper's government give the search engine, hopefully not full clearance to all our country's secrets.

Doesn't the Harper government seem a bit too friendly with Google lately?

SEO Ethics Activism

I have been involved with search engine marketing ethics activism work for many years now. Originally visible on Usenet search engine groups and industry specific forums as my "canadafred" persona. I think I raised a bit of hell over the years.

SEO Ethics According to Toronto SEO Consultant

I discovered a need to promote white hat SEO from watching years of human suffering indirectly inflicted by grey-black hat search engine optimizers. This came particularly to the forefront of my conscience when search engine revenue went mainstream and Third World countries starting cashing in at the expense of Canadian business owners and their country's children (due to lack of enforceable child labour laws). Link building in particular became a highly outsourced SEO strategy because of the madness Google PageRank technology created.

As far as I'm concerned, advocating for SEO ethics is basically argueing the need to practice white hat search engine optimization and working with what's within your control - your web pages and their content.
  1. Uses only the purer form of white hat SEO meaning the strategy focuses on optimizable web page components and mostly leaves off-site influences sort themselves out.
  2. There are no link building efforts made aside from harnassing a poweful internal linking structures
SEO expert balancing and smoking
Toronto SEO expert relaxed and smoking with rock balancing
Since 1994 I have been optimizing web site for Canadian and international business in a variety of Internet sectors.

Fred Joly SEO Consultant

I am a search engine optimization consultant based in Vancouver BC Canada. I've decided to come out of retirement to help out a few neighbourhood businesses get their Internet marketing on track.
Fred Joly is an SEO ethics advocate and social justice advocate
SEO Ethics and Social Justice Advocate

I have been in the industry since 1994. That's a long time ago in the search engine game. Things in SEO have changed over the years.

Canadian SEO Industry Leader

I have been a leader the industry pretty much since the beginning. I've been employed to consult in a wide variety of markets sectors including engineering, tourism, gift shops, real estate ... even recruited by a number of Canadian universities and international corporations.

I stay abreast search engine optimization and most other Internet marketing trades as moderator and featured poster of one of the largest IT forums on the Internet, now with over 1,000,000 members.

I presently serving as SEO consultant with a handful of clients in Vancouver.